All-Time PIAA Championship Game Statistics: 2021 Update

Last year, Shayne Schafer and I compiled team and individual statistics from every PIAA State Final ever played, dating back to the first games in 1988. This database has now been updated to include the 2020 title games.

In the link below, you’ll find a listing of every touchdown ever scored, every player who ever recorded a carry, pass attempt, reception or kicking point, and team stats for every game* in the state championship game era.

Anyone is free to use this database, but please remember to credit Shayne (who did the lion’s share of this) and PFH for the research.

* Full team statistics from the 1989 AA Final between Hickory and Montoursville have proven elusive. If you know of where a boxscore for this game can be found, please let me know.


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